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Solo exhibitions
Honorary guest
Art lectures in schools and educational works
Atrwork , colour covers for newspapers and magazines
Work sold to
Private collections


Disciple of L.E. GARRIDO in the Art School of Caen
He worked with Albert MALLET and Jef FRIBOULET
President of the Normand Artists Society
Art, Sciences and Literature Society medal
Member of the Arts Council Board of Camille Corot Secondary school
Honorary President of the Art Plume Society
Founder member of an art school



Lefranc Bourgeois award, exhibition in Rouen
Lefranc Bourgeois award, exhibition in Brécey
Normands Artists exhibition award
Sakura award in Osaka (Japon)
Deauville painting contest winning prize, realist composition first prize
Regional Council of la Manche award
Caen painting contest winning prize
Golden medal award, exhibition in Tinchebray
Cultural Society award, in Brécey
Rouen painting contest winning prize
General Council of Calvados award
Honorary President of the Normand Artists Society
ember of the Rotary-Club Saint-Lô
Falaise painting contest winning prize
Torign-sur-Vire painting contest winning prize

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